I attended a great SQLUG.BE evening last night about SSIS.  Thank you for all the effort you put in this guys!

When I come in contact with the people that are using our products everyday I hear that they have a lot of good feedback on how we could improve our products even more.
Of course we try to make the best products so everyone can be as productive as possible, but sometimes people in the field have very valuable feedback on how they could be even more productive.

We have a channel to do this and it is called Connect.  If you encounter bugs or you have suggestions for one of our products please feel free to submit them on Connect.  They will definitely be looked at and if appropriate included in future releases.  I submitted several requests on Connect myself, for example Connect item 136596 and 275212 were both implemented in SQL Server 2008.  Obviously we cannot add all suggestions in the same timeframe and sometimes it is just a matter of priorities but we at least consider all of them.

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