Silverlight 4 WCF RIA Services Line of Business Application Hands-On Lab

In this 108 page hands-on lab you will learn how to use Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 and Beta 1 of Microsoft Silverlight 4 to create a data driven line of business style rich internet application that implements many of the new features that Silverlight 4 introduces. 

These features are implemented in the lab:

  • True multi-tier architecture.

  • Entity framework and service layer definition.

  • Data filtering, paging, sorting and grouping.

  • Data modification and validation.

  • Foreign key management.

  • Projections.

  • Programmatic printing from a Silverlight application.

  • COM interop with Microsoft Excel and running full-trust out-of-browser.

Great work from Sascha Corti and Ronnie Saurenmann!

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