Video on Linq Queries and Delayed Evaluation

I recently recorded a video with Charlie Calvert about Linq queries and delayed evaluation.  You can find it here (streaming video).

 Download it here.

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  1. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Wes, this video is great – but I really need a downloadable version. It’s actually easier to promote around my team (and more importantly my boss to get buy-in) if I can point them at an AVI on an internal server. Is there any chance we could get this – and perhaps Charlie’s other videos as downloads?

  2. wesdyer says:

    I asked some of the guys around here and apparently we are working to make that happen.  I will let you know as soon they are available for download.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. jmlovero says:

    Hi Wes.

    Loved the video.  It was very clear and informative.  Just out of curiosity, what was the title of the book that you showed near the beginning of the video?  I couldn’t read it on the video stream.


  4. wesdyer says:

    Good question.  It is a book on designing n-tier enterprise systems by Martin Fowler.  The title is "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture".  Here is link to the book on Amazon:

  5. Welcome to the twentieth Community Convergence. I’m Charlie Calvert, the C# Community PM, and this is

  6. Welcome to the twentieth Community Convergence. I’m Charlie Calvert, the C# Community PM, and this is

  7. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Many thanks for sorting out the download Wes. Like I said, within some companies like mine – it’s actually easier to get a team of developers and managers etc to watch these things if they can grab the whole video off of an internal server where we’ve downloaded it to.

  8. Jared Updike says:

    That was a cool video. I remember those good old days of C/C++ programming making video games. I wish someone would have shown me functional programming earlier on.

    All these developments make me excited about C# 3.0, especially since we use C# at work and basically your team is adding many of my favorite features of Scheme and Haskell to my daily programming language, all with the boss’s blessing since it’s a "mainstream" language.


  9. wesdyer says:

    Hey Jared!  I definitely loved those days hacking up computer games and talking with you about ideas.  I too wish that I had been introduced to something like Scheme early on.  I have been trying to get my younger brother Robert (he is 16 right now) to read SICP.

  10. Terry says:

    Great Stuff! It’s awesome you went ahead and did all this great behind the scenes work. It’s something i think a lot of programmers always wanted and thought of but never have the time, motiviation, or brains to build. Keep it up! This has saved me hours upon hours of work already and i love the elegance of it.

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