Windows Error Reporting Terms of Use Update

I wanted to give an update on things we are doing to make things a little easier for ISV’s, after receiving a lot of feedback and looking closely at our Terms of Use (TOU) agreement for Window Error Reporting we are making some updates.  Once to document is live on you can review the differences but I have provided a high-level description below:

We are updating the Windows Error Reporting Terms of Use (TOU) to be less restrictive on some data retention guidelines for non Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, and enabling a scenario where ISV’s can submit public symbols in order to get more pinpointed problem identification through windows error reporting. 

The new TOU is scheduled to be available for signing on Feb 15th 2010 through April 15th 2010.  The effective start date of this new agreement will be March 15th 2010.  There is a one month overlap to allow time for companies to review the changes.

Happy Debugging!

Comments (1)

  1. CJ says:

    It appears the new terms are already available on the WER website.

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