Microsoft PDC 2009

I had a chance to present a lunch session at Microsoft PDC 2009 this year! 

I wanted to call out some special thanks to Rajeev Acharya for helping to make this presentation and demo possible.  Rajeev is an SDET on our team that developed this demo application in his “extra” time. – This talk starts with creating a better customer experience around software failures using the Application Restart and Recovery (ARR) API, to downloading and debugging mini-dumps send in from customers, to creating customer responses pointing to updates and fixes.

Steven Sinofsky highlighted the importance of Windows Error Reporting and how Microsoft uses this technology to build Windows in his keynote at PDC 2009

Some of his talk was summarized in this CNET article:

“Sinofsky is talking about the different mechanisms Microsoft uses from Windows Error Reporting, or Watson, to its Software Quality Monitor. Sinofsky notes that the monitoring tools require the user's permission in the final versions of Windows.”

Here is Sinofsky’s keynote: (00:15:32, starts with Telemetry)

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  1. Daniel D says:

    I have looked the video of PDC session but unfortunatly noone asked my question. Here is it: I have managed application with a "global" error handler. I don’t want the application to realy crash, because this are not fatal errors. Can I "invoke" WER in my "global" error handler to post memory dump to WER Site and continue running my program?

  2. Daniel, you can use the WER API to send back non-fatal errors.

    What types of non-fatal errors are you thinking of?

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