The Three Cs of Response Satisfaction

The Windows Error Reporting (WER) platform offers software and hardware companies a way to provide helpful information to customers.  When an application stops working the WER client application that runs on Windows (since XP) detects these events and checks to see if a solution exists.  Software and hardware companies are able to create WER responses through the Windows Quality web portal (

Windows end-users also have the ability to provide feedback on the quality of the solutions.  Through analyzing the feedback provided over the years and performing extensive usability studies we have found some simple rules that help to create a pleasant experience for end-users.  The 3 C’s are comprised of keeping Customer focus, providing Clear information, and keeping your information Current.

Customer focus – Keep the customer’s experience paramount in creating a response for your customers.  Understanding that the customer sees messages first on the Windows operating system is important in creating a seamless experience. 


·         Create custom content that guides the customer

·         Acknowledge that the customer was referred by Windows Error Reporting

·         Use clear language and common terms


·         Put the customer on your main homepage

·         Send the customer to a general support forum


Clear information – Ensure that information provides clear and concise steps for the end-user.


·         Provide a direct download link to an update from the response message when possible

·         Provide a customized and dedicated landing page on your company’s website that contains an easily identifiable link to download a fix

·         Provide concise steps if user action is needed during an install

·         Provide clear instructions if a work around is available


·         Provide misleading links

·         Make the user click on three or more options before they reach an actionable solution

·         Provide non-actionable information

Current information – Keep your responses and landing pages up-to-date!  We regularly review response quality and make decisions to un-publish responses based on current information and customer ratings.


·         Check links on the landing pages after website updates

·         Monitor the Response Satisfaction report available on the Developer Portal


·         Let content sit for months unchanged


If you have questions about creating a good response, you are welcome to use the contact information available on the WER portal. We are always happy to help.

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