Windows Error Reporting – Vote for a fix!

If you are a developer and reading this blog you may already know of the direct benefits provided by users submitting error reports, if you are an end-user of an application, on Windows, developers are relying on you to help identify solutions to issues that are difficult to reproduce.

I want to take this short blog entry on what good Windows Error Reporting brings to the Windows Operating System and eco-system.  I am including hyperlinks that give a view from 3rd parties on the good things that Windows Error Reporting enables for developers on the Windows OS.

The title of this blog posting was inspired by the article below where each error report sent to Windows Error Reporting (WER) is a vote for a fix, although the article was written a few years ago, the theme of voting remains the same. Although not like texting a vote into American Idol, I argue that sending a Windows Error Report is easier and can end up fixing the issue you reported in the end!  

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