Vista WER Settings UI Deciphered

This post is a follow up to the original post I did about WER Settings & UI for Windows 7. While that post outlined the settings UI in Windows 7, this post covers the WER settings UI for Windows Vista.

WER Consent Settings: The various WER consent levels are identical across Windows Vista and Windows 7. Please review this post to get an understanding of the various consent levels first. The rest of this blog post explains how these consent options are exposed in the Windows Vista UI.

The WER setting in Windows Vista is exposed in the ‘Problem Reports & Solutions’ (aka PRS) Control Panel.


Clicking the ‘Change settings’ link in PRS, opens up the basic settings page shown below. These settings allow configuration of WER consent settings for that specific logged in user only.


Clicking on the ‘Advanced Settings’ link on this page opens the, well, advanced settings page shown below.



Clicking on the lower ‘Change Settings’ button, brings up a dialog which allows setting consent for all users on the machine. Here is how that dialog looks:


Hope this clarifies the various WER settings and how they can be configured on Windows Vista.

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  1. Several of the images in this post are broken.

  2. All the images appear for me, can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing to

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