Why does machine.config contain invalid Xml content after installing .Net 3.5 patches?

For quite a few times, I heard customers would hit this issue after installing .Net 3.5 patches or repair 3.5 on Windows Vista or Windows 2008 Server. Basically the machine.config file contains some invalid Xml content and applications using configuration do not work, especially for IIS-hosted applications. The main problem is that the WCF 3.5…


Top WF/WCF Sessions in PDC2008

There are still 21 days to go until the PDC. Are you excited to attend those fascinating technical sessions? You might have noticed that we have the following interesting sessions for WF/WCF as part of .NET Framework 4.0: ·       WF 4.0: A First Look (Kenny Wolf) ·       WCF 4.0: Building WCF Services with WF in…


Patterns and Practices: WCF Security Guidance available online

Here is some good news for people who are looking for WCF Security guidance. The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team has just created the following blog for this: http://blogs.msdn.com/jmeier/archive/2008/03/27/patterns-and-practices-wcf-security-guidance-now-available.aspx Here is their root page: http://www.codeplex.com/WCFSecurity/


How to Use a Singleton WCF Proxy to Call Different Workflow Service Instances in .NET 3.5?

In .NET 3.5, a new type WorkflowServiceHost is introduced to provide the integration of WF and WCF. On the server-side, ReceiveActivty plays the main role to implement WCF service operations. With this, you can have WCF clients to talk to WF services. Also ContextChannel is introduced to flow the context between the client and the…


Come and join the Connected Framework development team!

Do you want to work on Microsoft’s next generation of the distributed application framework? Do you enjoy the thrill of shipping a great product? Do you want to join the team that has shipped WCF + WF in .NET 3.0? Are you up to the challenge of improving and optimizing performance of the .NET Framework…


A simple config-less IIS-hosted WCF service

I feel that it’s pretty handy to have a simple config-less IIS-hosted WCF service when I want to check whether WCF is correctly configured in IIS. So I post such a service here just for convenience. Simple.svc: <% @ServiceHost Language=”c#” Factory=”HelloWorld.SimpleServiceHostFactory” %>   namespace HelloWorld {     using System;     using System.ServiceModel;     using System.ServiceModel.Activation;…


How to skip server certificate validation error when using HTTPS?

When you are developing a WCF service with an HTTPS endpoint (i.e., you enabled Transport security), you would want to test it with a test certificate or a certificate which has some invalid data. The former can happen when you create the certificate with the tool MakeCert.exe. The latter can happen when you use the…