Top WF/WCF Sessions in PDC2008

There are still 21 days to go until the PDC. Are you excited to attend those fascinating technical sessions? You might have noticed that we have the following interesting sessions for WF/WCF as part of .NET Framework 4.0:

·       WF 4.0: A First Look (Kenny Wolf)

·       WCF 4.0: Building WCF Services with WF in Microsoft .NET 4.0 (Ed Pinto)

·       WF 4.0: Extending with Custom Activities (Matt Winkler)

·       WCF 4.0: Developing RESTful Services (Steve Maine)

·       WPF/WF 4.0: Declarative Programming Using XAML (Rob Relyea/Daniel Roth)

·       WCF: Zen of Performance and Scale (Nicholas Allen)

Through these talks, you will see how Microsoft is refreshing these technologies in the next release in .NET 4.0 by investing heavily on usability, modeling, performance, and scalability. There are also a bunch of other PDC talks which are related to WF/WCF. Enjoy it!

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