Comparison of Different WCF Encoders

Kenny wrote an excellent blog entry to compare the three WCF encoders (Binary, MTOM, and Text) from performance perspective. It is quite helpful for you to decide when to use which encoder.


A Sample for WCF Client Proxy Pooling

Introduction Ideally we should not need to pool WCF client proxies as I mentioned in my previous blog entry. From some customer feedback, however, I got to know that reusing proxies is not ideal because: ·         There may be some unknown contention cost when one proxy is used by multiple threads. ·         There is some…


How to Use a Singleton WCF Proxy to Call Different Workflow Service Instances in .NET 3.5?

In .NET 3.5, a new type WorkflowServiceHost is introduced to provide the integration of WF and WCF. On the server-side, ReceiveActivty plays the main role to implement WCF service operations. With this, you can have WCF clients to talk to WF services. Also ContextChannel is introduced to flow the context between the client and the…


Come and join the Connected Framework development team!

Do you want to work on Microsoft’s next generation of the distributed application framework? Do you enjoy the thrill of shipping a great product? Do you want to join the team that has shipped WCF + WF in .NET 3.0? Are you up to the challenge of improving and optimizing performance of the .NET Framework…