What is IIS7?

What is IIS7? What is the difference between IIS6 and IIS7? Here are the simple answers:

§         IIS7 is a new revision (version 7.0) of the Internet Information Services that is shipped on Windows Vista and the next Windows Server version.

§         The most attractive features of IIS7 are: modular design (thanks to the new Windows componentization technology first introduced in Windows Vista), extensible architecture (with public web server APIs), and unified distributed configuration system.

§         Another big change to IIS7 is that it first introduced a new NT service “Windows Process Activation Service” (WAS). WAS manages application pool configuration and worker processes. This enables process activation through both HTTP and non-HTTP transports.

More details about IIS7 can be found in the IIS7 public web site: http://www.iis.net/.


When people asked me how to host WCF services on IIS7? I would always say: it is the same as on IIS6. Well, this is generally correct. People still kept on hitting unique problems on IIS7. I will expand this in more details in my future blog entries.


Comments (4)

  1. norma stasi says:

    IIS7 has taken over my newsmax website and can't get rid of it..didn't ask for it don't want it how do I delete it/

  2. Tony Federer says:

    I just had a client that was also receiving the "Welcome to IIS7" page when they went to the Newsmax site.  Once I cleared the cache the site came up correctly.  Apparently at one point the Newsmax site was incorrectly displaying the IIS7 welcome page and if you visited the site during that time, your browser has cached the page and won't download the new version.

    Clear your browser cache and then you should be able to view the site correctly.

  3. Lilya says:

    I'm sorry, but WAS was introduced in IIS 6, isn't it?

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