Impersonation with Double Identities

There are two different levels of security that you can use for WCF services: Message level and Transport level. For Transport level, in HTTP case, you can use different IIS Authentication mechanisms to perform client authentication. If you do not carefully set the settings of the WCF binding, you may end up with both security…


Virtual Application vs Virtual Directory

People are always confused by these two IIS concepts, especially for the new IIS7/WAS. These are not new concepts. They are available since IIS6 on Windows 2003 Server. However the terms were misused in IIS6 and they are corrected in IIS7 in Windows Vista and higher versions of Windows. Virtual Application What is it? The…


IIS7/WAS Installation

IIS7 has a modular design which allows you to selectively install components that are needed. This design is based on the new manifest-driven Componentization technology that was first introduced in Windows Vista. As the IIS site claimed, there are more than 40 standalone feature components of IIS7 which can be independently installed. This is good…


What is IIS7?

What is IIS7? What is the difference between IIS6 and IIS7? Here are the simple answers: §         IIS7 is a new revision (version 7.0) of the Internet Information Services that is shipped on Windows Vista and the next Windows Server version. §         The most attractive features of IIS7 are: modular design (thanks to the new…


.NET Framework 3.0 and SDK are shipped

Finally, we made it! .NET Framework 3.0 (was called “WinFX”) is shipped today. Here is the download link: Here is the SDK download link:


How to use WSDualHttpBinding on Windows XP for Hosted Services

On Windows XP, Internet Information Service (IIS) does not use HTTP.sys which is the HTTP driver that can be used to share HTTP traffic on the same port by multiple applications. This means that when IIS is running, the default port 80 is taken by IIS and no other applications can use it.   So…


Cannot Find Server (404) or Get Plain Text for WCF .svc Files From IIS?

Question After upgrading WCF (or NetFx-3.0) from an older beta version to RC1, I get “Page Not Found” (404) error or get the plain text content of the .svc file for .svc files. Is .svc extension removed from IIS? Why? If you installed WCF or NetFx-3.0 RC1 or later versions, you may get this problem….


WCF Impersonation for Hosted Services

In my blog entry “ASP.NET Compatibility Mode”, I showed how to perform impersonation with ASP.NET. WCF provides more flexible service operation level impersonation. Here is a common question that I heard:   Question: How can I use WCF impersonation for hosted services with BasicHttpBinding?   Answer: You can use different security modes (specified in BasicHttpSecurityMode)…


ASP.NET Async Pages vs Async WCF Service Operation

In Dmitry’s blog, he mentioned about how to write ASP.NET async pages with ASP.NET 2.0. Basically, the server page can handle the request asynchronously without blocking the request thread and the server thread can be returned to the thread pool to handle other requests.   WCF is quite flexible in supporting asynchronous programming. Actually the…


WinFX February CTP is released!

GREAT NEWS! The WinFX February CTP has just been released today and can be downloaded from here. Here is the readme document. This CTP has consumed a lot of customer feedback and thus brings quite a lot of breaking changes over the January one. The detailed WCF breaking changes can be found here. The changes include…