FIXED in UR11 OM12R2: 3-State Monitor Not Triggering New Notifications When Changing Between Degraded States

This post demonstrates how we can use a simple test case to verify whether the issue involving 3-state unit monitors not triggering new alert notifications when changing from Warning to Critical or vice versa, still persist in an OpsMgr 2012 R2 management group patched with Update Rollup 11 (UR11) (KB3183990).While I was going through the… Read more

Monitoring OMS Direct Agents in an OpsMgr Management Group

This post demonstrates how the Blue Bar State Widget Template (Download Here) can be used to create a custom dashboard in the OpsMgr 2012 Operations Console to display a list of Microsoft Monitoring Agents that are directly connecting to one or multiple OMS Workspaces, and providing further details on the agent version, OMS Workspace ID… Read more

OpsMgr: Displaying Agent Average Send Queue Size with a Blue Bar State Widget

This post demonstrates how the Blue Bar State Widget Template (Download Here) can be used to create a custom dashboard in the OpsMgr 2012 Operations Console, to display the health state, patch level and average Send Queue Size of each managed agent, and to allow the user to visually identify maximum and minimum values of… Read more

OpsMgr: An Inflating Event Data Set !? The Case of the Rogue Event Collection Workflow.

This post uses a case study to demonstrate how the Data Volume by Management Pack Report (DVMP Report) was utilized to identify the root cause of an inflating event data set that was occurring in a data warehouse database (DW DB) of an OpsMgr management group.   While reviewing the overall size and space usage… Read more

OpsMgr: Sample Silverlight Friendly Speedometer Widget Template for the Web Console

This blog post features a sample management pack that consist of a widget template that allows the user to create custom Silverlight Friendly Speedometer widgets from the output of PowerShell scripts via a UI within a dashboard layout in the OpsMgr 2012 Operations Console.  This template is a variation of the original Speedometer Gauge Widget template… Read more

OpsMgr: Troubleshooting Performance Widget Permissions Issue Post 2012 R2 Upgrade

This is an issue that occurred after upgrading a System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 management group to 2012 R2.  What happened was that in the OpsMgr Operations Console, the creation process of a performance widget using the Performance Widget UI template would fail with an error message, when the Add button was clicked on… Read more

OpsMgr: Restricting SSRS Report Access & Scope for a Custom User Role

In Operations Manager, a user role that is based on the Report Operator Profile grants members the ability to view reports according to the configured scope. Out of the box, a user role based on the Report Operator Profile is created during setup – Operations Manager Report Operators – with a global scope. Assigning a… Read more