OpsMgr: SQL Server Visualization Library with Legacy Components Now Available

Back in November this year, the SQL Server Engineering Team released the latest version ( of the SQL Server and Replication management packs. In addition to health monitoring capabilities, this management pack includes new and enhanced summary dashboards for SQL Server 2008 and 2012, and a datacenter dashboard template to allow users to create custom… Read more

OpsMgr: Updates to Sample Dashboard Management Packs using the Performance Tile Component

The Visualization Component Extensions Library Management Pack (Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Component.Extensions.Library.mpb) that was included ONLY in Version of the SQL Server Monitoring Pack has been removed in Version More information about this library pack available here. In its place is a new library pack named Microsoft SQL Server Visualization Library (Microsoft.SQLServer.Visualization.Library.mpb) and it is now included… Read more

OpsMgr: Sample Template for a SQL Server 2008 Database Summary Dashboard

This post features a sample management pack that includes a dashboard template that I have put together recently and shared at the TechNet Gallery. The display name of this management pack is Sample SQL Server 2008 Database Summary Dashboard Library, and it includes a dashboard template to allow users to configure and create an instance… Read more

OpsMgr: Sample Customizable SQL Server 2008 Databases Summary Dashboard

The SQL Server 2012 Presentation Management Pack was released together with the September 2013 version of the SQL Server Monitoring Pack. This new Monitoring Pack contains a new dashboard component: the SQL Server 2012 Databases Summary Dashboard. It is a combination of a state widget, a detail widget, an alert widget, a free space widget… Read more