OMS Mobile App: Your Bespoke Tiles and Dashboards at Your Finger Tips

The Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone was launched back in October 2015. This mobile app allow users to access their OMS Log Analytics workspace from their mobile devices to gain full visibility of their IT infrastructure at any time, from any location. The OMS Mobile App can… Read more

OMS Log Analytics: Create Tiles, Drill-ins and Dashboards with the View Designer

The View Designer feature was recently released to public preview in OMS Log Analytics. This feature enables dashboards, tiles and visualizations to be created based on data collected and stored in your OMS Log Analytics workspace. For more information, please visit Evan’s announcement on the OMS View Designer. This post demonstrates how data collected from… Read more

OMS Log Analytics: Collect, Visualize and Analyze Log File Data

This blog post uses a simple test scenario to show how we can collect, visualize and analyze data collected from a log file, with OMS Log Analytics.  This test scenario can be used in a POC (Proof-Of-Concept) to demonstrate how the following features in OMS Log Analytics – Custom Logs, Custom Fields, and Direct Agent,… Read more

Wizard to Create PowerShell Workflows in OpsMgr to Collect “Type=Event” Data for OMS

This post features a new sample management pack that provides a wizard to allow the user to create PowerShell-based script rules to collect custom data to be stored as event-typed data (Type=Event) in OMS, using a template in the Operations Console in System Center Operations Manager 2012. The custom event data collected can then be… Read more

Collecting Microsoft Band Data in OMS Using PowerShell in OpsMgr

This post demonstrates how we can collect and display our Microsoft Band 2 health stats as monitoring data in Operations Management Suite (OMS), by querying the Microsoft Health Cloud APIs with PowerShell to retrieve the information, using a PowerShell-based collection rule in OpsMgr 2012 R2.                   Firstly, a HUGE shout out and kudos to… Read more

OMS: Collecting NRT Performance Data with an OpsMgr PowerShell Script Collection Rule (Created from a Wizard)

This post provides a detailed guide on how to create and configure a custom performance collection rule based on the PowerShell Script (Performance – OMS Bound) Rule Type, using a specific wizard, and enabling it to send it’s Near Real Time (NRT) collected data to a Microsoft Operations Management Suite workspace. (Refer to: New Sample… Read more

OpsMgr: New Sample PowerShell Collection Rule Wizards in the Ops Console

This post features a new sample management pack bundle that provides a set of wizards to allow the user to create different types of PowerShell based script collection rules with specific templates in the Operations Console in System Center Operations Manager 2012.  The sample management pack bundle can now be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery…. Read more

Azure OpInsights: Collecting Text Log Files with a custom PowerShell Script

This post demonstrates a way to collect text log files to Microsoft Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights) using a PowerShell-based collection rule or workflow in OpsMgr. This post was inspired by Daniele’s recent post on how to collect text log files to Azure Operational Insights using System Center Operations Manager. Here is an example of how… Read more

Azure OpInsights: Enabling Collection of Azure Diagnostics Data from Storage Account

This post demonstrates how specific diagnostic data in storage accounts of an Azure Cloud Service (consisting of web and worker roles) can be collected by Microsoft Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights) and how Windows events from custom application specific event logs can be collected as well.       At current (March 2015), the only way to send… Read more