OpsMgr: Overview of All Custom Monitor and Rule Templates Featured To Date

This post features a table that provides an overview of all custom sample monitor and rule templates featured to date (and coming soon) on the Wei Out There with SC & OMS blog: Sample Monitor & Rule Template Name Description Download Further Details 1 PowerShell Script 2 State Monitor (v2) This sample management pack provides… Read more

OpsMgr: Using a Scriptblock in a PowerShell Monitor Created in the Ops Console

The sample management pack that provides a wizard to create PowerShell script based monitors in the Operations Console was recently updated with the ability to specify script parameters and to apply an Override to modify the script parameter value for the custom PowerShell based monitor that it can create. For more information, check out my… Read more

OpsMgr: New Sample Wizard to Create PowerShell Monitors in the Ops Console

This is an update to the sample management pack that provides a wizard to create PowerShell script based monitors in the Operations Console in System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 & 2012. The updated sample management pack can now be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery. The first version was released about 2 years ago –… Read more

OpsMgr: Monitoring Windows Services based on StartUp Type & State with a PowerShell-based Monitor

This example uses the PowerShell-based monitor type and wizard to run a PowerShell script that scans for Windows Services configured to start up Automatically but are not running on a agent monitored computer. For this PowerShell-based unit monitor, the following values were used in General Properties. Note: This monitor targets the Windows Server Operating System… Read more

OpsMgr: Monitoring File Content with a Powershell-based Monitor

><]]]°>          <°[[[><      ><]]]°>        <°[[[><       <°[[[><      ><]]]°>        <°[[[><         <°[[[><      ><]]]°> This post features an example of a file content monitor that was created with the Powershell-based monitor (PBM) type and wizard (Download sample).  In this example, a file content monitor to look for and alert on ASCII animals (ASCIImals ?) found in a sample file, was… Read more

OpsMgr: Monitoring Closed Monitor Alerts with a Powershell-based Monitor

"HEY!!   You have monitors in a degraded state but their alerts MAY have been closed incorrectly ! If these monitors are not reset back to Healthy, the same condition that generated their alerts may happen again but no alerts will be generated because the health states have not changed." This solution uses the Powershell-based monitor… Read more

OpsMgr: Monitoring Certificate Expiry with a Powershell-based Monitor

This post focuses on the Powershell-based monitor created in my first post to find and alert on certificates that are about to expire on managed computers. This monitor was created from the “Create a Unit Monitor” wizard as demonstrated in my first post.   For this Powershell-based unit monitor, the following values were used in… Read more

OpsMgr: Using Wizards to create Powershell-based Monitors

In System Center Operations Manager, wizard-based monitoring involves creation of single management pack elements – eg. monitors or rules – using predefined wizards in the Operations Console. This approach is used to extend monitoring for existing classes. The advantage is, working in the Operations Console is fast and easy. A user can create a monitor… Read more