OpsMgr: Displaying an ASCII Bar Chart on a Text Display Widget

This post features another example of how the PowerShell Text Display Widget Template (Download Here) can used to create a custom widget in the OpsMgr 2012 Operations Console, to display the list of the top 5 alerts with the longest downtime (outage) and closed within the last X hours, in a management group. Apart from… Read more

OpsMgr: Monitoring File Content with a Powershell-based Monitor

><]]]°>          <°[[[><      ><]]]°>        <°[[[><       <°[[[><      ><]]]°>        <°[[[><         <°[[[><      ><]]]°> This post features an example of a file content monitor that was created with the Powershell-based monitor (PBM) type and wizard (Download sample).  In this example, a file content monitor to look for and alert on ASCII animals (ASCIImals ?) found in a sample file, was… Read more