OMS Free Tier Solution Based Billing Tracker – Security & Audit

On June 19, 2017, a new pricing model was introduced to the OMS Security and Compliance management offer and it applies to all OMS pricing tiers including the Free Tier. Solutions like the Security & Audit Solution if added anytime after the above cutoff date (June 19, 2017), will be free for the first 60 days…. Read more

OMS: Analyzing Data Ingestion & Usage with the Free Tier Data Consumption Tracker

The OMS Free Tier Data Consumption Tracker is a dashboard that extends the Log Analytics Usage records and provides a summary view of the data usage relative to the 500 MB daily data upload limit of the OMS Free Tier, calculated in percentage. It provides a clearer picture on whether the daily upload limit of… Read more

OpsMgr: Calculating the Overall Availability of Distributed Applications in Percentage

This post demonstrates how we can calculate the percentage of availability of distributed application managed objects over time, based on the state of a specific monitor in System Center Operations Manager, with a PowerShell script that leverages OpsMgr Cmdlets.The following picture shows an example of an OpsMgr native dashboard that consist of 2 widgets created… Read more

OMS Free Tier Data Consumption Tracker Dashboard

In Operations Management Suite (OMS), there is a Free Tier that allows up to 500 MB of data upload per day for Log Analytics, with 7 days of data retention. For more information on the latest OMS tiers and subscription plans available including their pricings, please visit the Operations Management Suite Pricing site. This post… Read more