Leveraging OMS Log Search to Identify Potential Access Violation Activities

In this post, we look at how we can leverage the Security and Audit solution in OMS and using log searches to identify potential access violation security activities based on the audit events the Audit Collection Services (ACS) in OpsMgr collects and reports on. In ACS, there are 2 SSRS audit reports available out-of-the-box that… Read more

Mapping ACS Reports to OMS Search Queries

This post features a table that shows the mapping between Audit Collection Services (ACS) SSRS reports and search queries used in OMS Log Analytics.In OpsMgr 2012, Audit Collection Services (ACS) provides a means to collect records generated by an audit policy and store them in a centrally managed database. It allows filtering and analyzing of… Read more

OMS Mobile App: Your Bespoke Tiles and Dashboards at Your Finger Tips

The Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone was launched back in October 2015. This mobile app allow users to access their OMS Log Analytics workspace from their mobile devices to gain full visibility of their IT infrastructure at any time, from any location. The OMS Mobile App can… Read more

OMS Log Analytics: Create Tiles, Drill-ins and Dashboards with the View Designer

The View Designer feature was recently released to public preview in OMS Log Analytics. This feature enables dashboards, tiles and visualizations to be created based on data collected and stored in your OMS Log Analytics workspace. For more information, please visit Evan’s announcement on the OMS View Designer. This post demonstrates how data collected from… Read more