OpsMgr: Hierarchical Page Structures of the OM12 Sizing Helper App

OM12 Sizing Helper is a Windows Phone 8.1 App version of the OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper tool. Here is the App Link to the Store     

To help you navigate through the pages of the OM12 Sizing Helper App and form a firm mental model of the App structure, here are two hierarchical page structures of the App based on the Classic View and the Alternate View Main/Home Pages respectively.

Every single page of the App is listed and mapped-out in each of the hierarchical structure.

Hierarchical Structure based on the Classic View Main Page:


Hierarchical Structure based on the Alternate View Main Page:


Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you and other users of this OM12 Sizing Helper App. 
You can send in your feedback using the “rate and review” option in the App list of your Windows Phone.


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