HTTP.SYS + .Net Framework 2.0 + !IIS -> ASP.NET

Aaron Skonnard has an MSDN Magazine article about running ASMX without IIS, but instead uses Http.sys through the new managed HttpListener APIs in the .NET Framework 2.0. He provides code demonstrating how to tie Http.sys directly to ASP.NET.


Wininet Cache: Index.dat

Jeffdav continues his blogging about the WinInet Cache with a multiple posts on index.dat.


IIS Team blog and Server Caching

IIS now has a team blog called IIS Hints & Tips. Thier first technical post is about how IIS and ASP.NET uses the http.sys cache.


Wininet Cache Issues

Jeffdav’s weblog has an entry on why view->source sometimes stops working and why you get forced to save some images as bmp when they really aren’t. While you are waiting for the fix, the workaround we use on the Longhorn Wininet team is to lower our cache size down to something more reasonable. Mine is…


HTTP in the Event Log on XPSP2

Thoose who are really looking might have found the following event in your event log: Reservation for namespace identified by URL prefix http://*:2869/ was successfully added. This is just UPNP reserving it’s port and namespace in http.sys.


Okay… a little more ego inflating

Well, this is meant to be a more technical blog, and I got in my mini ra-ra post yesterday, but I was happy to see Mary Jo Foley pointing to this eWeek article, “IIS Rounds the Security Corner”. I’ve personally been at Microsoft from five years now and I’ve watched and participated in Microsoft’s efforts…


Most Reliable Hosting Providers

Netcraft reports that in September three of the top 10 most reliable hosting providers during September were running Windows 2003 and IIS6, Netcetera, DataPipe and Another three were running Windows 2000, including the top of the rankings Energis. Update: Forgot to add the netcraft source link.


Port Reporter and Port Reporter Parser

You may have heard of a tool called Port Reporter that logs TCP and UDP activity on a Windows 2000, XP or 2003 machine. On XP and 2003 it also captures more data about the user and process that opened the port. (Data that is also available with the -o flag on netstat). You can…


SQL Server 2005 uses http.sys

Peter DeBetta in a article demonstrates how to use SQL Server 2005 to create HTTP endpoints: So what is an HTTP Endpoint? You may have heard that it is SQL Server 2005’s means for creating Web services, but it actually is much more. An HTTP Endpoint also is a means of creating interfaces via HTTP…


Http.sys and the XPSP2 Firewall

Larry Osterman of the WMC Team has a three part blog series about what he needed to allow http.sys to open ports and get through the Windows XP SP2 firewall.Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3