HTTP in the Event Log on XPSP2

Thoose who are really looking might have found the following event in your event log:

Reservation for namespace identified by URL prefix http://*:2869/ was successfully added.

This is just UPNP reserving it's port and namespace in http.sys.

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel says:

    What about UDP and Multicasted traffic? Doesn’t UPnP use HTTP via UDP and multicasted Discovery notifications? Does UPnP use it’s own protocol stack for these functionality?

    Second questions: the url http://*:2869 is a weak reservation; if some application uses a stronger url for the binding, UPNP will never receive any packets?

  2. Ari Pernick says:

    Yes, I believe that it is using it’s own protocol stack for thoose parts.

    The second part sounds correct as well.

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