High memory in IIS due to scriptproxy.dll

One of my customers had a problem on his IIS server, where the IIS process hosting his web application was suffering from very high memory utilization over time.  Eventually the process got so high in memory that the web application became completely unresponsive and incoming requests were no longer getting served.  Based on these details,…

Troubleshooting HTTP 401.3 errors with Process Monitor

Last week I posted the following blog which showed how to use Process Monitor to troubleshoot service startup issues. http://blogs.msdn.com/webtopics/archive/2009/06/16/troubleshooting-service-startup-issues-with-process-monitor.aspx To continue on that topic, I ran across another issue recently where Process Monitor was again very helpful in troubleshooting. Problem – When browsing ASP pages, we were getting below error in the browser. Browsing…


Troubleshooting service startup issues with Process Monitor

Many things can cause a service, like IIS’s World Wide Web Publishing Service, to fail on startup. When troubleshooting such an issue, Process Monitor can be an invaluable tool. What Process Monitor does is monitor all File and Registry access on the system in real-time. The latest version of process monitor can be obtained here….


How to troubleshoot HTTP 400 errors

  After sending an HTTP request to an IIS server, an HTTP client (such as Internet Explorer) may display the following type of error message in the browser window:       If Internet Explorer’s Friendly HTTP Error Messages option is turned off, the error may resemble the following:         In these…


A lightweight IIS 6.0 Web Manager – Manage your Web Sites, Application Pools from any where on the Web.

A Web administrator has to have access to the IIS server in order to ensure that any diagnostic/preventive measures can be performed at any point of time. One has to ensure all the web sites are running up and fine during the course of a day. Activities like recycling Application pools, starting/stopping Web sites etc….