Removing an IIS server’s IP address from HTTP responses

  Introduction The purpose of this blog post is to discuss how to mask an IIS server’s IP address from being sent as part of an HTTP response.  By default, IIS can send a server’s IP address in the Content-Location or Location response headers of a response.  Beginning in Windows 2003 SP1, you can configure…


Configuring IIS to work around webpage display issues in Internet Explorer 8.0

Special thanks to Sean Everhart for contributing this topic    Internet Explorer 8.0 introduces a new method of interpreting and displaying the HTML data sent from web servers.  In some cases, this can result in the web pages being displayed to users incorrectly.  For example the pages may display with incorrect layout, or with overlapping text…


A lightweight IIS 6.0 Web Manager – Manage your Web Sites, Application Pools from any where on the Web.

A Web administrator has to have access to the IIS server in order to ensure that any diagnostic/preventive measures can be performed at any point of time. One has to ensure all the web sites are running up and fine during the course of a day. Activities like recycling Application pools, starting/stopping Web sites etc….


Limiting Passive FTP Port Range on IIS 7.0 / IIS 6.0 / IIS 5.0

Passive FTP uses a range of ports to transfer data. This can be a problem because the port range that IIS uses has to be opened up at the Firewall. Many administrators would like to limit the port range between specific values so that they can have a better control on the ports that need…


Weeking recap of ASP.NET Debugging blog

Here are last weeks updates to the ASP.NET Debugging blog: Code Gallery and CodePlex, how are they different and what are their benefits? An Open Debugger Extension Job openings with the .NET Framework Team ASP.NET Tips- What to gather to troubleshoot – part 1 – High CPU

Troubleshooting Anonymous authentication failures in IIS

We often get support calls on issues related to Anonymous authentication failures and this is something which we feel an Admin can fix without requiring our support. Our aim in this post is to ensure people have a good troubleshooting strategy for anonymous authentication failures. You can follow up this link for a detailed troubleshooting strategy for Anonymous…