Antivirus Exclusion List for ASP.NET applications hosted on IIS

  We have come across the issue with ‘Intermittent AppDomain Recycling of ASP.NET applications’ being caused due to the unexpected changes in Application subdirectories, config files etc. AppDomain recycling can cause the issues like- “Loss of in-proc stored Session variables”, “assemblies will be unloaded (it will be reloaded again on the next request)” and “code…


Windows Azure Pack Troubleshooter Series

  Recently, we have worked with lot of premier customer on their issues related to the Windows Azure Pack.   My colleague Amol has written a few excellent blogs on troubleshooting the issues related to WAP.   I have consolidated these blogs and placed it below:     Ø  AzurePack: Admin Portal failing with HTTP…


Troubleshooting ASP.NET5 Website in IIS

      Recently I have published this blog, which talks about configuring the ASP.NET 5 application in IIS. After you set this up, if you run into any issues while accessing the website you can enable the inbuilt logging provided within the HTTPPlatform Handler.       How to enable the logging ?  …


Deploying ASP.NET5 based MVC6 application in IIS

      I couldn’t find any blogs in the internet which explains the step by step procedure to deploy the ASP.NET 5 application to IIS from Visual Studio 2015.   This blog is written specifically to address this issue.   Scenario:   I will be creating an MVC 6 application in my Visual Studio…


Error: The ‘validation’ attribute is invalid. Enum must be one of MD5, SHA1, 3DES, AES

  Recently I worked with one of the customer who was having a SharePoint website hosted on his Windows Server 2008 R2 (IIS 7.5) environment. This site was configured to use Machine Key setting validation=”HMACSHA256″ which according to this blog, is an acceptable value included with .NET 4.0.  From within IIS Manager, browsing to the…


Query the active worker process information in IIS 7.X using Powershell

  Recently I worked with one of the customer, who wanted assistance in displaying the Process-Id, Application Pool Name and the Request StartTime of the IIS Worker Process (w3wp.exe) in IIS 7.X and higher through Powershell. This blog includes the script which will serve the customer’s above requirement. Pre-Requisites for running the below script: 1….


Web Deployment through Visual Studio

This blog explains the 2 different ways of deploying the web application to the IIS server. We often come across the scenarios where in the application’s web.config need to have different settings when it is deployed from one environment to the other (Example: From development to staging or production). We can use either of the…


Simple steps in migration of Websites using WebDeploy

There are numerous articles which talk about the easiest ways of migrating the websites from IIS 7.X to a higher version of IIS using WebDeploy. This blog illustrates one of the ways to migrate the sites from IIS 7.X to higher version of IIS, when the content drive of the Source machine is not present…


Usage of System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates to display valid certificates

This blog illustrates the use of the System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates namespace to fetch the valid certificate from the Certificate Store including both the CurrentUser and LocalMachine. Description: The below sample console application uses the System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates namespace that contains the common language runtime implementation of the Authenticode X.509 v.3 certificate. This sample will search the concerned ‘SubjectName’ of…


Query FTP site information in IIS 7.X through Powershell

  Recently I worked with one of the customer, who wanted assistance in displaying the statistical view of the FTP sites in IIS 7.X through Powershell. The statistical out should include the below information: 1. The IP address assigned to the site. 2. PORT Number 3. Website name 4. Website Identifier 5. Virtual directories under…