The Brilliance of SharePoint 2013’s new Work Management service application!!

Have you ever walked into your office in the morning and wondered if you were forgetting a task or a project? 

Fret no more my friend SharePoint is on the way with a fantastic new feature and service application which would help aggregate your tasks into the state of union 🙂 with the new Work Management Service Application (WMSA for short)

The Work Management Service Application provides functionality to aggregate tasks to a central location.
    - Users get the possibility to view and track their to-dos and tasks.
    - Tasks can be cached to a users personal site.
    - tasks can be aggregated from Exchange, Project Server and SharePoint.
    - Based on 'Provider model' so that other systems can be integrated in the future.

 Learn more on this awesome new feature by watching this SP15 Ignite video:




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  1. As I understood, the 'Provider model' or better say 'Custom provider' was not working in RTM version yet. Is it already working in current version?

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