Demand for Surface and Windows 8

Despite hurricane Sandy there was alot of interest and demand for Surface and Windows 8, here are a couple of pictures I took when I went to pick up my first Surface! 🙂 


Bill Gates shares his excitement for Windows 8 and Surface!!

I have been around Microsoft software since Windows 3.51 as a hobbyist and Windows NT 4.0 as an IT professional, where I have grown to love to hear Bill Gates speak about each new version of windows. this time was no different: I almost jumped out of my seat when I got to watch the visionary…


My new video blogs for MSPFE:

Recently I was in Redmond attending a developer training and while there I thought it would be great to create a video blog to talk about some of the great work and services my colleagues are working on to induce the best return on ivesments in SharePoint.the following are the first two blogs of many…


SharePoint 2010 Management Shell Issue "the local farm is not accessible cmdlets with feature dependency are not registered"

Issue:  When you launch a SharePoint 2010 Management Shell you receive one or both of the following errors:  “microsoft sharepoint is not supported with version 4.0.30319 of the microsoft .net runtime” “the local farm is not accessible cmdlets with feature dependency are not registered”  Diagnostics:  At the command prompt run the following commands: PS C:\…


The Brilliance of SharePoint 2013’s new Work Management service application!!

Have you ever walked into your office in the morning and wondered if you were forgetting a task or a project?  Fret no more my friend SharePoint is on the way with a fantastic new feature and service application which would help aggregate your tasks into the state of union 🙂 with the new Work Management…


The Dawn of SharePoint 2013 has been announced!!!!

Hello Friends, Colleagues and SharePoint fans!!! I am sure by now you are as excited as I am! about the anoucement of Office 2013 Preview 🙂 and so here is a wealth of information and resources to satisfy your hunger for the new version of SharePoint   MSDN & TechNet Articles Changes from SharePoint 2010…


SharePoint Governance plans and why are they important?

Before we dive into answering this question we have to acknowledge that technology is meant to empower our work force to achieve more with ease and not necessarily an everyday struggle because we are challenged to manage underpowered resources. That said I am sure by now you have had some exposure to “SharePoint Governance Planning”…


Fault Isolation + SharePoint = SharePoint Resilience!

One of the common poor design decisions I have seen in the field is using a single Web Application to host everything (My Site & any other team sites etc..); to me this is like putting all your eggs in one basket; instead consider creating multiple web applications one for each of the high level…


Sanitizing Customized SharePoint Pages for best performance.

As we do collaborative business across teams and business groups we tend to modify SharePoint pages on the fly. While this is the nature of doing business with SharePoint; one thing we always forget is to sanitize our SharePoint pages and clearing out the dead weight. Dead weight usually comes in by adding web parts…