Announcing phpBB: Available for the Microsoft Web Platform


Today Microsoft is announcing that the Windows Web Application Gallery and Web Platform Installer (Web PI) now supports the download of the new phpBB release, which supports Windows, IIS and SQL Server.

Version 3.0.7-PL1 of phpBB takes advantage of a number of features for PHP applications on the Microsoft Web Platform with Windows, IIS and SQL Server including:

  • SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1, provides key interoperability for PHP applications to use SQL Server for data storage. Released under the OSI approved MS-PL license and available on CodePlex.
  • WinCache Extension for PHP 1.0.1, provides increased performance for PHP applications on Windows and IIS. Released under the BSD license, is available from the PHP Extension Community Library (PECL) website.

Microsoft is committed to enabling interoperability of the Microsoft Web Platform. As part of our efforts with the open source community, Microsoft contributed a patch to the phpBB project to allow it to interoperate with SQL Server using Microsoft's SQL Server Driver for PHP, and then worked very closely with Nils Aderman, Chris Smith and Henry Sudhof of the phpBB Core Team to accept our patch contribution. The SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1, released in October 2009, provides UTF-8 support, Multiple Active Record Sets (MARS) and the option to leverage SQL Azure providing the option to deploy as a full or partial cloud solution.

Additionally Microsoft worked with the phpBB Core Team to help enable phpBB to leverage the WinCache Extension for PHP. WinCache provides performance benefits for PHP applications on Windows and IIS and is released under the BSD license with the source hosted and maintained on the PHP Extension Community Library (PECL).

This release by the phpBB community is another great example of how Microsoft is working with the PHP community to provide higher levels of interoperability and performance as well as providing customers the option to run the applications they want on the Microsoft Web Platform.

Try phpBB on the Microsoft Web Platform today!

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