Welcome to the Microsoft Web Platform team blog!

Welcome to the /Web team blog at Microsoft. We’re launching this blog along with the new http://www.microsoft.com/web site. This blog will be your inside access to the Microsoft Web Platform team, and we’re opening the floodgates to help you make better decisions around your Web strategy.

To make the most of the web, your business decision makers, technology decision makers and developers all have to be in step, and it is our aim to equip you with the tools, insights and technologies to allow you to do this.

It’s a new and exciting time to be looking at the Microsoft Web Platform. Not only do we have new technologies for hosting and building your Web sites from Windows Server 2008 to IIS7 to ASP.NET, including AJAX and MVC, but we also have the new Web Platform Installer. This allows you to install and configure your server with these technologies as well as existing free open source software platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, or developer technologies such as PHP.

We’ll be updating this blog frequently and have an exciting pipeline of content. It’s not going to be a marketing mouthpiece, but instead an infobahn (remember that term? J ) that provides you access to the great minds inside Microsoft who are working on building the infrastructure that will make the next web.

We’ll be covering the Web Platform, the Web Platform Installer and the technologies that ship with it, as well as providing information on developing with technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, Silverlight and PHP and tools such as Expression Web and Visual Studio.

In the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing articles and tutorials on the following:

– Installing, Using and Understanding the Search Engine Optimization toolkit
– PHP Developers – Welcome to the Microsoft Web Platform
– Developing and debugging PHP Applications with Microsoft Expression Web
– Adding WordPress to your site, and creating your own custom template

We’d also encourage you to participate – please use the comments section to give us feedback on the platform; the technologies; and this blog. If you have any suggestions for content that you’d like to see on the blog – please feel free to let us know!


The Microsoft Web Platform Team

Comments (48)

  1. epicmediadesigns says:

    This is great! Excellent idea for the web development community. I cant wait for some of the updates you are talking about. Again great job!


  2. Daisy Lee Beacon says:

    Hi, I would really like some advise and information. I currently own 3 or 4 small websites hosted with different hosts. I am looking around the net for a new way to do things. First of all the host for my main site is quite cumbersome to learn. They do keep a website in top ten ranking but, too much code to learn for me. I am having difficulty building a website. I am of the older generation and computer language is not what I can speak. So my questions are very basic. I would like to find a program to build the actual website that has pint, click, drag and drop abilities. That I assume means the background coding the program places in it for me will be SEO ‘d already. I don’t understand what is the difference between a website buider program, a web platform program and a content management system. I have recently updated my computer with Windows 7 and it has IE8 browser, I was having difficulty with IE8 loading everything so slowly so I found a Microsoft forum to get help. I was told to remove silverlight and a couple of the other programs that were installed so I did. I finally was referred to microsoft essentials anti-virus software which finally mostly resolved the problem. However, after reading your site about web/platform, it almost seems to be just what I need to build my websites, have some ecommerce and place some ads and basically do the website stuff. However, it is not clear that I can actually build a website with these programs. It looks like I would have to download a number of different interactive programs to make this all work ? Is that true? Also I don’t know how to get the prgrams back that I had to delete including, I believe that sql 2008. I seem to recall that it was already installed also. So would someone please enlighten me (a not so techie) about these programs. Thanks.

  3. stevep says:

    I like the idea of the Platform Installer, but I ran into a problem the 1st time I used it.

    I used it to install SQL Server 2008 Express and some other stuff; 8 installs in all.

    The 1st product installed fairliy quickly, but after more than an hour SQL Server 2008 Express was still installing so since it was the end of the day I went home. When I came in this morning the install for Server Express had completed but it wanted to do a restart. So I did. Unfortunately the other 6 productsa had NOT been installed, and I am now having to wait for them to install (the current one has been running for almost 30 minutes and there will be 5 more after this).

    This is slao a problem with other install technologies, such as Windows Update. If a product needs to do a restart it will wait for the user to OK it AFTER The install. I think this permission request should be moved to the front-end of  the process. In this way I can approve the restarts and when I come in 14 hours later I don’t have to start waiting all over again and waste time. Note: I was doing all this so that I could get to do some work that I can’t do until the installs complete because they are prerequisites for something else.

  4. stevep says:

    Oh, I forgot. The decision to restart should still be mine. It has happened that Windows Update decided to do a restart on its own while I had things running that were ruined because of the restart and I lost hours of work in the process. I was running simulations that were lost.

    One last point. The installs should be grouped so that those that don’t require a restart are done together (before or after those that do require a restart) to minimize the number of restarts.

  5. Tomas says:

    &Today I tryed to install through the Platform installer and found a transfer rate of 20-40 kb! I will take hours and hours to download the project.

  6. Patricia says:

    I should have read everyone's post……… it does take a while for it to finish downloading…

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