Introducing Silverlight 1.0 Book is now available…

Technorati Tags: Silverlight Tags: Silverlight   My First Silverlight book: Introducing Silverlight 1.0 is now available. I have to say that I am very proud of this book, and I think it is the best book that I have written. It goes through Silverlight from first principles, taking you on a tour of…


Silverlight: Font Embedding

There’s some great stuff been put together by Slyi on his blog around subsetting and embedding fonts. You’ve all been asking me lots of questions about it, but he answers it better than I ever could! Check it out at:!2B248D261D0E0035!122.entry   Thanks!


Silverlight article in MSDN Magazine

MSDN Magazine’s June 2007 issue will be carrying my Silverlight article. You can read it online here:   There are a few more in the hopper. Enjoy!


Silverlight and Beijing 2008 Olympics

I’ve been working on a project involving Silverlight and the Beijing 2008 olympics. We demonstrated this at MIX 07, and the session is online here:,2011&pid=XB005&disc=&id=1557&year=2007&search=XB005 We also had a hilarious video interview with the Channel9 / On10 folks. You can see it here:


Silverlight Install Modes

Did you know that there are two install modes for Silverlight — inplace installation (aka ‘Direct’) and indirect installation. When you build your site or application using Silverlight, you can use the ‘inplaceInstallPrompt’ property in your call to Sys.Silverlight.createObject and set it to true or false. Here’s an example:  function createSilverlight() { Sys.Silverlight.createObject( “plugin.xaml”, //…


Super Tuesday

Tuesday at MIX07 has been phenomenal! My session this morning on Silverlight and the 2008 Olympics went very well, we tag teamed 4 speakers from 4 companies who had three different primary languages, but it all went smoothly. We had huge inflatable versions of a couple of the ‘Fuwa’ mascots who ended up stopping traffic…