Silverlight: Font Embedding

There’s some great stuff been put together by Slyi on his blog around subsetting and embedding fonts. You’ve all been asking me lots of questions about it, but he answers it better than I ever could! Check it out at:!2B248D261D0E0035!122.entry   Thanks!


Silverlight: Convert Text to Path

The WPF APIs provide a FormattedText object that allows you to export its contents as a Geometry, which in turn allows you to generate its contents in the XAML Path Mini Language.  Here’s an example of a Web service that takes in the text, typeface, size and other parameters, loads them into a FormattedText, and uses…


Silverlight: Using Text from Unsupported Fonts

In Expression Blend you have the facility to convert text from a textblock into a XAML path. This then has no dependency on the original font, and the text will be rendered by Silverlight. So, for example here’s Expression Blend with some text written in Brush Script MT size 48.     With the TextBlock…


Silverlight and Beijing 2008 Olympics

I’ve been working on a project involving Silverlight and the Beijing 2008 olympics. We demonstrated this at MIX 07, and the session is online here:,2011&pid=XB005&disc=&id=1557&year=2007&search=XB005 We also had a hilarious video interview with the Channel9 / On10 folks. You can see it here:


Chinese, and other International Text in WPF/E

For our friends in the international community, text rendering is possible by means of the Glyph tag. So, for example this XAML:   <Canvas x:Name=”GlyphDisplayCanvas” Canvas.Left=”0″ Canvas.Top=”0″ >       <Glyphs x:Name=”GlyphDisplay” Fill=”Black” FontUri=”./simhei.ttf”               FontRenderingEmSize=”48″ UnicodeString=”你好, 你好吗?” />   </Canvas> Will render Chinese text in WPF/E. Please note a couple of things:…