Think you have search engine skillz? Prove it and win a pass to MIX.

I’m glad you all enjoyed the last riddle, the answer to which was ‘Area 51’. I told the story in the comments section.

Due to its popularity, I’ve scored another pass, and want to try out your search engine skills to do a sort-of global scavenger hunt. Are you up to it?

So, below are a number of steps, if you follow these you’ll end up with an answer. First to post the correct answer in the comments get's a free pass to MIX. Just a pass, no airfare, hotel, dinner or anything like that, ok 🙂

Oh, and Microsoft guys, feel free to enter, but the prize will go to a non MS-er…sorry!

1. 'Area 51' is also the fan zone for a famous sports player in Seattle because that's the number he wears on his Jersey. Who is he? [Hint, he’s one of the best in the world at this game, and there’s an upcoming ‘world cup’ for his sport]

2. Take the second to last letter in his name, and change it from 'r' to 'j'.

3. This is the name of an anime character in a TV show. She is a fishing maniac, and together with her friend Karen flies Mecha from a military base in Japan. The base is in a town that sounds like the name of a VERY famous person. Who is this person?

4. This person (from 3) has an extended family member who is heavily involved in college sports. The family member is the uncle to this person's children. Find the college and look at it’s website to see the team that he’s involved with. Co-incidentally he shares a surname with another very famous person who has similar historic significance to the famous person from point 3.

5. One player on this person's sports team has the same first name as a book in the Bible. What's his home city?

6. Note the state that this city is in.

7. Take a look (using Live Maps) at this person's home city. About 30 miles north of this home city is the intersection of two interstate highways. Follow the one that runs east for a long way and you'll end up at a well-known midsize city. What is the name of this city?

8. The state from #6 and the city from #7 are connected to a very, very famous day in history. What is this day, and what is the connection?


Simple, right? I checked it out with Live Search, so with a bit of reading between the lines and delving into the pages that come up, you should complete this pretty quickly 🙂

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  1. Peter says:

    omaha and utah, both beaches from the dday invasion at normandy.

  2. Jay Kimble says:

    1) Ichiro Suzuki

    2) Ichijo

    3) Oppama -> "Obama"

    4) Craig Robinson (Utah’s BasketBall Coach)

    5) sophomore Daniel Deane (BTW, there is also a Josh on the team… aka Joshua)

    6) Park City, Utah

    7) Evanston

    8) 10 May 1869 – completiong of the Transcontinental Railway completed – the driving of the Golden Spike

  3. shinyhat says:

    I agree with Jay Kimble’s answer on the off chance he’s an M$ Employee. 😀

  4. Joe V. says:

    Jay Kimble has part of number 4 wrong!!! Sorry Jay

    1) Ichiro Suzuki

    2) Ichijo

    3) Oppama -> "Obama"

    4) Craig Robinson

    Head Coach at (Oregon State University)

    Played at (Princeton University)

    5) Daniel Deane

    6) Park City, Utah

    7) Evanston

    8) 10 May 1869 – Transcontinental Railway completed – Driving of the Golden Spike

  5. shinyhat says:

    …except that Craig Robinson coaches Oregon State, but otherwise he’s right on.

  6. Barry Stahl says:

    The driving of the golden spike on May 10th 1869.  Omaha was the start of the line (there was no bridge at the time).  Promontory, Utah was where the lines met.

  7. Results will be announced on Monday, followed by another riddle….

  8. Jay Kimble says:

    Look, I may have my history off I was trying to get the answer up.

    It IS the driving of the Golden Spike. Whether it was the beginning or ending, it was a momentous event. From what I can remember –because I was skimming the sites trying to get the answer posted–  the answer is the driving of the Golden Spike. I didn’t dig too far, but I know that it was a huge deal in the midst of building the Transcontinental Railroad… I didn’t go and google the rest, because Lawrence didn’t ask for a history lesson… just proof that yuour search engine skills were up to the task.

    FWIW, I was skimming stuff and taking notes in Notepad… Hence Oregon really meant some university in Oregon… I had forgotten if it was Oregon State or Oregon University… I live on the East Coast (and don’t work for Microsoft) and West Coast College Sports aren’t really on my radar (neither is BasketBall… I live in a state that is as far away from Seattle as one can get… take a guess where).

    So am I right Lawrence?

  9. So, the answer that I was looking for is actually D-Day.

    I did say a famous ‘day’ in History, and Utah and Omaha were beaches as mentioned by Peter. So Peter, you get a pass to MIX should you want it. Can you email me?

    However, Jay, you did such an amazing job, and I can see how my puzzle could lead to this answer, I’ve scored a pass for you too. Please email me!

    Congratulations both and see you at MIX!

  10. Jay Kimble says:

    Just re-read my answer… I knew it was Oregon… How did I post Utah… oh well, Thanks Lawrence…

    I’ll email you soon..

    Jay Kimble

  11. Did I mention I’m going to MIX ? Will I see you there? I could imagine that some have tight travel budgets

  12. stride says:

    Gosh…there are some people who have full time job when they just can’t spend time in searching theses answers.

    After office hours, after cooking for a family (no complaint…just my frustration for losing a chace to go to mix), now I found all the answers without even checking that people have already solved it…my bad for spending time without checking!

    sigh….I wish I could go to mix 🙁

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