Some great new Silverlight Apps from the Netherlands :)

A few new Silverlight Apps from our friends in the Netherlands are definitely worth checking out.image

First up is, a portal for classical music events, built in PHP, but which delivers Silverlight:

It allows for both a full screen 'player' as well as a full screen 'video' mode as well as different levels of video quality. Have a play with the settings, trying out the different video and see how smoothly it runs. I’m running it at the moment from my office on a shared internet connection at the highest quality setting, and it looks great!


image In sports, comes, which is a dutch Volleyball site that covers Men ('Heren'), Women ('Dames') and Beach Volleyball.

I really like how you can hover over the categories on the left and have a menu with thumbnails of the video appear over your current player. It helps make the experience very immersive.

It also appears to be hosted on Silverlight Streaming showing that you can build and host stuff on this scalable infrastructure!



Finally is a Microsoft Hardware website, a marketing site that shows some of the new hardware available from Microsoft. That new sidewinder mouse looks wicked cool 🙂


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