Silverlight and Otaku – A match made in heaven :)

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m an Otaku and I’m happy that I work in a job that allows me to visit Otaku heaven (Akihabara) once or twice a year. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before someone used Silverlight to build a site for Otaku like me 🙂image

Anyway, the site is from Korea and it is at To access the cool DeepZoom-based views of some of the mecha, click MG at the top of the screen to view the models. Not all of them have a Deep Zoom collection associated with them (yet), so here’s a direct link to one:




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  1. Gongdo says:

    You might already know this site which made by same developer:

    It’s definitely the best enterprise solution I’ve ever seen before!

  2. Note the GeekSpeak today at 12:00 PST by John Papa . In this issue: Seema Ramchandani, Jeff Wilcox, John

  3. No kidding! You are an otaku also?

    Anyway, if you hang out on the wonderful MyAnimeList social network (, I have recently created a blog widget which shows off the anime that you have watched.

    And of course, it’s built with Silverlight. For someone who had absolutely zero experience coding in Silverlight, it took me a grand total of 4 hours to complete. 🙂

    Check it out!

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