Silverlight and Windows Live

For those of you who have been asking about Silverlight and Windows Live, I’m now pleased to announce that Windows Live downloads will include Silverlight in the installation.

If you haven’t already tried the Windows Live applications, I thoroughly recommend them. Windows Live Writer is the best blogging client I have ever used! And if you have kids, the Windows Live ‘Family Safety’ application rocks.

As you can see here, if Silverlight is not installed on your system, you can choose to install it (or not) as part of the Windows Live Suite. To access this, visit, and click the ‘Download’ button for your language.

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  1. BillReiss says:

    Quick question…is Silverlight selected by default?


    Bill Reiss

  2. Yes, I believe so. I uninstalled SL and took the above screenshot, and it was checked by default.

  3. BillReiss says:

    Thanks because you know if someone needs to click a box they usually won’t so I’m glad to see it’s selected by default

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  5. sporty81 says:

    Nice. The more people who install Silverlight the better!

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  7. samcov says:

    Does anyone know what Microsoft’s plan is to get the Silverlight runtime over the current 11% installed rate to something more respectable, and hopefully to at least 70%?

    This is a start, but IMO, won’t bump that percentage up too much.

  8. bdodson says:


    I have no inside information but stuff like this is my best guess. The olympics surely helped. At the end of the day though if people develop apps that users want to use, people will install. That’s why flash has such high usage.

  9. In this issue: Quadra Silverlight Outsourcing, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Laurence Moroney, Terence Tsang

  10. lmoroney says:


    Not sure where you get 11%. At RTW last October we announced "1 in 4", and it has been growing since then.

    Here’s the press release:

  11. MaxiASP.Net says:

    Silverlight, Windows Live paketine dahil edildi

  12. With the new year a few new things are happening in the Silverlight world. Silverlight Controls Source

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