And you thought the Olympic Silverlight app was Sexy?

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Here's another Silverlight app that I've been bursting to share with y'all. It's from the promotion site for the 2008 Formula 1 Grand Prix being hosted in Singapore and sponsored by SingTel. It's a great and innovative use of Video. They are running a competition called the 'heart race' where 20 models will get your heart racing, but can you get theirs to race?image

The 20 models are laid out on screen as you can see on the left, and they are just doing their thing, hanging out, smiling, hoping that they catch your attention (these are video loops, the screen grab doesn't really do it justice). When you hover over one of the models, she gets excited, jumping up and down, like donkey in Shrek, inviting you to pick her. While this is going on, the other models get annoyed and stick their tongues out, show you a fist etc.

It's fun just mousing over the videos. I could do it for hours.


Anyway, back to the demo.

So, once you've found a model that you like (I know who my favorite is 😉 ), you can select her to be taken into a questionnaire. The aim of the questionnaire is to see if you are a good match with that girl. Do you make her heart race too? If you do, there's a reward -- you'll just have to take the quiz to find out what it is.


One thing I really like about this app is the very simple, but very effective design. Look at this quiz screen:


I really love how the simple color scheme works, how the names, bullets, buttons and girls outfit are all co-ordinated. By the way the girl on the right is a video, which again isn't really getting any justice with this screen shot.

Once you've answered the 10 questions, you get a score. If you match the girl, you'll get a little reward. If you dont, she doesn't look too pleased:












Also, if you share a friends name and email, there's another little reward. You'll have to try the app to see what it is, but let's just say that it involves DeepZoom 😉


So, what are you waiting for? Alexandra says 'Bring it on!'

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  2. globbe says:

    How is the subject matter of this campaign in any possible way related to Formula 1 Grand Prix???


  3. globbe says:

    However, the performance is really good, and I agree with you on the efficiency and simplicity of the design…

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