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I've adapted David Anson's XPS Viewer for Silverlight sample to allow you to read the first 3 chapters of my Silverlight 2 book using a SIlverlight/XPS experience. As part of this sample I added some code to support the mouse wheel. As you can see it makes for a very nice document viewing experience on the web. I'm thinking of enhancing this further by adding ink and collaboration.

Of course it's all about getting the time to do it, right! 🙂

You can see a sample of it in the iFrame below, or click here to see the full reader.

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  1. szurgot says:

    That’s awesome. I would attach the scroll wheel to previous and next page, but man, I could’ve used that kind of thing a few years back.

  2. Delay's Blog says:

    At the bottom of the post on migrating SimpleSilverlightXpsViewer to Silverlight Beta 2 , I hinted at

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  5. Or maybe everything is in a cycle… Develop XPS , awesome fixed format document and print stream format

  6. Laurence Moroney just published a blog post in which he adapted David Anson’s XPS Viewer for Silverlight

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