ReMIX Korea

I'm sitting in the auditoreum at the ReMIX Korea event in Seoul. I continue to be amazed at the sheer quality and innovation that is coming out of this country. Some of the demos that they are showing here are jaw-droppingly cool.

I'll post some links as soon as these demos go public, but some of the things I've seen I could not believe were built in Silverlight! Very impressive....

Kamsaa Mehda!

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  1. maxchristian says:

    Was pleased to read this as I need to find a company with Silverlight expertise in Korea.  If by any chance you were able to share some of the names of the companies that had good demos that would be extremely helpful.  I can be emailed at max at max dot TC

  2. says:

    Hello, Laurence. This is Dae Woo Kim from Microsoft Korea DPE team.

    First of all, I appreciate your impressive keynote speech about SL.

    As part of Korea REMIX, Microsoft Korea DPE team working on video creation with agency.

    Also, we’ve planned to making Eng version of it.(Caption or…)

    Anytime ready, will share it for you.

    Best regards.

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