Tip#102: Did you know… How to specify tag specific formatting

Let’s see this with an example.  I have the following html code on my page. Now if I format the document by selecting Edit –> Format document (or Ctrl K, Ctrl D) The document becomes I want the content inside td should remain on the same line after formatting the document. Following steps would show…


Tip#97: Did you know… How to Display Hidden Information in Design View

The design view in Visual Studio can display glyphs and borders for the hidden non – graphic elements (such as div, span, form, and script elements). This feature helps you to see where the elements are and avoid inadvertently deleting the non-graphic elements from your page while editing. To enable it in designer click on…


Tip #61: Did you know… How to create an ASP.Net Dynamic Data Web Site?

If your web site is heavily data driven then here is a quick and easy way for you to create one without writing much code. All you need is Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or Visual Web Developer 2008 Express SP1 installed on your box. Dynamic Data Web Sites makes use of a mechanism called Scaffolding….


Tip#57: Did you know… How to manage web site configuration through a web interface

The Web Site Administration Tool provides a web interface for you to manage different web site configuration settings. To launch the tool, for Web Application Project click Project-> ASP.Net Configuration & for Websites, click Website-> ASP.Net Configuration   for Website For WAP   Visual Studio launches the tool in a browser window. You can use…


Tip # 53: Did you know… How to edit the templates for gridview in VS designer?

Gridview control has the flexibility to be configured how it’s rendered using templates. Following steps show how the control’s edit template can be changed in the Visual Studio Designer. I have a GridView hooked up to Sqldatasource using Northwind.products. I have selected Generate Insert, update and delete statements while configuring the sql data source (by…


Tip #40: Did you know…How to scope master pages?

Master page is a  template page that can be used to create a consistent layout for your application. First you create a master page to define the look & feel of the application and then you create the content pages that contains the content. You can attach these content pages to the master page at…


Tip #37: Did you know…How to organize usings?

Overtime C# source code files may have unnecessary & unorganized using directives. Visual Studio IDE organize using options can help you to unclutter the source code. To organize the C# code right click anywhere inside the code editor, select Organize usings. Select Remove Unused Usings to remove any using directives that are not used in…


Tip #35: Did you know…How to add Intellisense from script libraries for JS files?

Here is an example to add intellisense for JS files in VS 2008. So, you have two Javascript files Jscript1.js with the following code function validateForm() {} and Jscript2.js (wherein you want current JScript file to show intellisense including objects & functions declared in Jscript1.js)Now to add intellisense, from the solution explorer drag drop Jscript1.js…