Tip#97: Did you know… How to Display Hidden Information in Design View

The design view in Visual Studio can display glyphs and borders for the hidden non – graphic elements (such as div, span, form, and script elements). This feature helps you to see where the elements are and avoid inadvertently deleting the non-graphic elements from your page while editing. To enable it in designer click on…


Tip #76: Did you know… How to hide a non-visual control in your designer?

Some times as you are building your web page, you may want to hide all the non-visual controls like Timer control so that the page looks close to how it would be rendered on your browser. Our Designer can toggle between displaying and not displaying Non-visual controls using  Ctrl+Shift+N Display ASP.NET Non-visual controls turned on:…


Tip #69: Did you know…The keyboard shortcut for View in Browser?

Ctrl +Shift+W does the trick for you. This short cut is mentioned under File Menu -> View in Browser. So if you are still using Select File -> Right click for context menu and then selecting View in Browser as shown below, you may want to start using Ctrl+Shift+W. Reshmi Mangalore SDET, Visual Web Developer


Tip#64:Did you know … How to convert a GridView column from asp:BoundField to asp:TemplateField in Design View?

Assume that you already have a data source SqlDataSource1 that binds to a simple query returning some details from the Customers table. <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:MyConnectionString %>" SelectCommand="SELECT [FirstName], [LastName], [Email] FROM [Customers] ORDER BY [FirstName]"> </asp:SqlDataSource> In Visual Studio, if you add a GridView control to a web forms page in Design View…


Tip # 53: Did you know… How to edit the templates for gridview in VS designer?

Gridview control has the flexibility to be configured how it’s rendered using templates. Following steps show how the control’s edit template can be changed in the Visual Studio Designer. I have a GridView hooked up to Sqldatasource using Northwind.products. I have selected Generate Insert, update and delete statements while configuring the sql data source (by…


Tip #50: Did you know…How to absolute position the controls in Visual Studio Designer?

Absolute positioning control(s) in the designer can seem confusing at first until you learn the visual cues. You can do one of the following two possible actions by dragging the control in the designer. Re-parent the control Change the controls position. When you drag the body of the control, you are changing the parent of…


Tip #19: Did you know…How to set the default view to Design view?

Source View is the default view for the IDE when you edit a Web page. You can customize the IDE so that Design View is the default. Select the menu option : Tools – > Options… From the Options dialog tree select HTML Designer –> General Select Design View radio button from the Start Pages…