Tip #69: Did you know…The keyboard shortcut for View in Browser?

Ctrl +Shift+W does the trick for you. This short cut is mentioned under File Menu -> View in Browser. So if you are still using Select File -> Right click for context menu and then selecting View in Browser as shown below, you may want to start using Ctrl+Shift+W. Reshmi Mangalore SDET, Visual Web Developer


Tip #54: Did you know…How you can turn off intellisense for HTML/ CSS editors

If you would like turn off intellisense in HTML editors (aspx, html files) and CSS editor (css files), you could do so by going to Tools->Options dialog. For HTML editor, go to Tools->Options->HTML->General. In the right pane, under Statement Completion, uncheck "Auto list members" For CSS Editor, go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->CSS->General. In the right pane,…


Tip #28 Did you know… That “Go to definition” is supported for CSS Class?

If you have a style defined as Class = ”fooRed”  as shown below and want to quickly know what does fooRed style contain? <div class ="fooRed"> In RED </div>  Just place your cursor on fooRed and hit the F12 button. This will highlight the CSS class for you even if the class lives in the…


Tip #24: Did you know…You could display CSS/HTML errors as warnings or as errors?

VS 2008 has this cool feature of downgrading any CSS/HTML errors to warnings. This is helpful when you want to separate out validation errors and are looking for what is actually stopping your build. In VS 2008 the default behavior is to display any HTML/CSS errors as warnings as shown in the picture below. Note…


Tip #16: Did you know… How to change the default format settings for CSS Editor?

There is a Tools –>Options setting under Text Editor –> CSS –>Format Node which helps you change the default CSS Format settings. This dialog gives you the flexibility of setting the default CSS Formatting styles in any of     the following Styles: Compact rules: In this option the Style selector and the properties are placed in…


Tip #11 Did you know… New Style builder can be invoked from various other tool windows in Visual Web Developer.

Tip#10 spoke about the New Style Builder Dialog. There are various other entry points to this dialog. You can invoke it from the following places from the IDE:  CSS Properties Tool Window: Bring up the CSS properties dialog by selecting View –>CSS Properties. Click on any rule in “Applied Rules” and bring up the context…


Tip #10 Did you know… Visual Web Developer 2008 has a New Style Builder Dialog?

Visual Studio 2008 has a New Style builder dialog. This dialog box helps you design new styles and also preview it at the same time. Using this dialog, you can create a style which can live in current page, an existing external style sheet or a new external style sheet. You can create styles which…


Tip #6 Did you know…About the “Tag Navigator” feature?

One of the cool features in Visual studio is the Tag navigator which is available both in design and source view modes. The tag navigator appears at the bottom of HTML Editor. Here is how it looks when you open up a page in Visual Studio: In the picture below you can see that the…