Tip #37: Did you know…How to organize usings?

Overtime C# source code files may have unnecessary & unorganized using directives. Visual Studio IDE organize using options can help you to unclutter the source code.

To organize the C# code right click anywhere inside the code editor, select Organize usings.

  • Select Remove Unused Usings to remove any using directives that are not used in the source code (this may remove some required using directives if the source code doesn't build)
  • Select Sort Usings to organize alphabetically the using directives (by default directives that begin with System comes before other using directives)
  • Select remove and Sort to perform both of the above operations



Deepak Verma
SDET | Visual Web Developer

Comments (3)

  1. Mike says:

    This IDE macro organizes usings, formats code and adds a file header comment if it’s not already there. I assign it to CTRL-Q.


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