Tip #29: Did you know… How to enable Edit and Continue feature for Web Application Projects?

If you want to edit your WAPs while debugging them, here is how you do it:

1. Check the “Enable Edit and Continue” checkbox in the Web Properties page.

Enable Edit and Continue

2. Check the “Enable Edit and Continue” checkbox under  Tools->Options->Debugging->Edit and Continue

Tools Options for Edit and Continue

These two setting will enable Edit and Continue as you debug your WAPs.

Reshmi Mangalore

SDET, Visual Web Developer

Comments (16)

  1. Per impostazione predefinita, nei Web Application Projects l'opzione Edit and Continue è disattivata

  2. amir says:

    what program are u talking

    is it vs2005 asp.net?

  3. My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio. After an unusually long break between posts due to the spectacular hardware failure of my primary dev box (complete with sparks and

  4. elugardo says:

    Why isn’t this enabled by default? Are there drawbacks to doing this? does the project take longer to start up?

  5. drew says:

    I wish this worked. It doesn’t, at least not on my machine. Changing a simple string value requires a restart.. sigh.

  6. xinqiu says:

    To answer some of the above question, this function should work in vs2008 rtm and vs2008 sp1.

    Please post a comment and question in asp.net forum if you find it’s not working as you expected.


  7. MKP says:

    To anyone running Vista 64 bit…

    It may be that the IDE is not ready for Edit and Continue (EnC) web apps on Vista 64 bit without a tweek.

    My situation: Migrated Web App to Vista 64 bit. Set platform to x86, set EnC in Tools/Options & Web properties, Debug flag in Web.Config, Debug mode set in Build configuration, etc, etc.

    No joy – Could hit break points, inspect variables, etc, but could not EnC.

    There were 7 Google hits on Msg "Changes are not allowed if the assembly has not been loaded". No new advice there for this situation though.

    After trying numerous things finally tried changing the Build output path from "binx86debug" to "bin".

    There was great joy across the land – Debug with EnC works now.

  8. martastik says:

    It’s all very well explaining how to enable edit and continue with the noddy Visual Studio Development Server, but in the real world of professional programming, people like me like to use things like IIS!

    So the big question is, how do you enable edit and continue with Visual Studio if you are using a real web server, e.g. IIS7 or IIS6?

  9. Mohammad Ali says:


    It was exactly what I want. I searched a lot but it takes long time to find yours!

  10. Taylor says:

    Did anyone find an answer for martastik? Is it possible to enable edit and continue when attaching to IIS7?

  11. Hi Martastik,

    As of today “Edit & Continue” with IIS is not possible from VS.  Edit & Continue requires the process to be started by the debugger when debugging session continues. As IIS is already running as a service before and after debugging session, it is not easily feasible to do that for IIS web applications.


    Reshmi Mangalore (Visual Studio – Web Development Tools Team)

  12. Matt says:

    MKP – Spot on with the redirect of the build output path…  I looked at and tried all the other answers before I found your indication and EnC for my web-app works fine now.

    VS 2008

    Windows 7 x64

  13. Edam says:


    Good call worked for me too.

  14. Sameers says:

    I am using VB.NET on VS 2008. It has been working fine previously, but just started to have issues with this now. I have Enable edit and Continue checked on Options, but it is still not working. Even for desktop applications.

    any other guess?

  15. Xinyang Qiu says:

    Sameers, try VS forums or Stack Overflow for this question as your desktop app's edit and continue fails as well.  

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