Tip #26: Did you know… How to have C# and VB.NET files inside your App_Code directory?

If you are taking advantage of the App_Code folder to develop an ASP.NET WebSite some times you need to use code files that are written in different .NET languages. For example, you may want to use C# files and VB.NET files in the same web site:


To be able to do this you can use a feature of the compilation section in web.config to configure sub folders inside App_Code to be compiled separately.

<compilation debug="true">
        <add directoryName="VBFiles" />

Federico Silva Armas 

Comments (5)

  1. Micky says:

    But can you call code between them?  In other words, if I have a class in my C# code, can you call it from the VB.NET code.  I assumed the answer was "yes" but still haven’t found a solution.

  2. JoeReynolds says:

    Can this be used with Web Application Projects?

  3. Parsa says:

    JoeReynolds, no, it’s just for websites, not web applications

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