Tip #6 Did you know…About the “Tag Navigator” feature?

One of the cool features in Visual studio is the Tag navigator which is available both in design and source view modes. The tag navigator appears at the bottom of HTML Editor.

Here is how it looks when you open up a page in Visual Studio:

In the picture below you can see that the cursor is placed inside the <SPAN> tag and hence the Tag Navigator at the bottom of the editor displays all the parent tag element of <SPAN> up to the root element.


You can also use the Tag Navigator to “Select a Tag” or “Select Tag Contents”, by just clicking on the Tag Navigator as shown below. In this case I have clicked on <DIV> tag and said Select Tag. This enables selection of DIV both in Design View and Source View.



Reshmi Mangalore

SDET, Web Development Tools


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  3. vi says:

    how can I disable TagNavigator?


  4. xjb says:


  5. mottey says:

    Tag Navigator is nice and all but I have a handy bug where if I roll over one of the tags it will reset my mouse cursor to 0,0… Do you have a way of turning off Tag Navigator??

  6. Bri says:

    How do i turn this on! In VS2008 it was there and now in 2010 i can't find it.

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