Tip #2 Did you know…The Style Application Toolbar works in both Auto and Manual modes?

The style application toolbar allows you to create and modify styles automatically. This tool window works in two modes "Auto mode" and "Manual mode".

The Auto mode is targeted for users who are new to CSS and in this case Visual Studio will control where the newly generated styles will be placed.

Manual mode is prescribed for experienced users. In Manual mode users can control where the style have to be placed by specifying the "Target Rule". The target rule shows the following options in the drop down for a selected control: .ClassName(Current Page), < Inline Style >, (New Auto Class) and Apply New Style…

Style Application

  • ClassName (Current Page): All style generated by Formatting tool bar like Format bold, Format font etc will be placed in this class.
  • < Inline Style >: As the name suggests all new styles applied to the selected control will be placed as inline styles.
  • (New Auto Class): In this case the new style will be named style1, style2 and will be placed in the style block of the current page.
  • Apply New Style…: This will allow you to create  a new style using the Style builder Dialog.

Reshmi Mangalore

SDET, Web Development Tools

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