Did You Know… Tip #1 – Powerful CSS Tools to Create, Manage and Apply Styles

Visual Studio 2008 introduces three new tool windows for CSS styling. They are:

  • Apply Styles
  • Manage Styles
  • CSS Properties

All the above options are available under the View menu when you are in design view or in split view mode. 

Apply Styles: Using this tool window you can create, apply and modify styles. This tool window lists all the style for a particular page. The list will include style defined inline, style in external style sheet and styles that live in current page. Applying a style to a selected control is as simple as selecting a control, then you can click on styles to be applied from the list of styles in this tool window.

Apply Styles


Manage Styles: Using this tool window you can manage the arrangement of styles by moving them around from an external style sheet to the current page, etc.

Manage Styles


CSS Properties: Using this tool window you can quickly find out which styles are applied to a particular control on a page. You can also figure our which style rule overrides which for a selected control. You could also use this tool to add, delete or modify CSS properties of an existing style.

CSS Properties


Reshmi Mangalore

SDET, Web Development Tools



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