New version of ASP.NET Merge Tool

The ASP.NET Merge tool (Aspnet_merge.exe) enables you to combine and manage the assemblies that are created by the ASP.NET compilation tool (Aspnet_compiler.exe). It was built on top of a Microsoft Research project, ILMerge, through which Aspnet_merge.exe does IL code merge.   What problem does this new version fix? The first version of this tool was… Read more

Scaffolding ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer-based-models

The ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) is a GUI tool for editing Entity Framework models. You can use the Entity Designer to visually create and modify entities, associations, mappings, and inheritance relationships. You can also use the tool to validate the model. When you build the Entity Framework models, Entity Designer in Visual… Read more

Web publishing updates for app offline and usechecksum

In Visual Studio 2013 we have added a couple of small features for web publishing that I’d like to share with you. Those updates are; how to take your app offline during publishing and how you can update the default file compare option. App offline support In Visual Studio when you publish your web application… Read more

Real Scenario: folder deployment scenarios with MSDeploy

Hi everyone Sayed here. I recently had a customer, Johan, contact me to help with some challenges regarding deployment automation. He had some very specific requirements, but he was able to automate the entire process. He has been kind enough to agree to write up his experience to share with everyone. His story is below…. Read more

Profile specific web.config transforms and transform preview

When we released VS2010 we add support for web.config (XDT) transforms during publish/package. Note: From now on I’ll only use the word publish from now on but the full content relates to packaging as well. In the original implementation when you published your web project the web.config file would be transformed by the file web.{Configuration}.config,… Read more

VS Publish dialog Update Database dialog disabled

If you have tried out our new Web Publish experience in Visual Studio you may have noticed that the Update Database checkbox is disabled. See the image below. The intended behavior of this checkbox is to enable you to incrementally publish your database schema from the source (the connection string in web.config) to the destination… Read more

Video on Web Deployment using Visual Studio 2010 and MSDeploy

Back in November I participated in Virtual Tech Days which is an online conference presented by Microsoft. In the session I discussed the enhancements to web deployment using Visual Studio 2010 and MSDeploy. Some of the topics which I covered includ: web.conig (XDT) transforms How to publish to local file system using Visual Studio How… Read more

Web Deploy: How to see the command executed in Visual Studio during publish

I just saw a post on Twitter asking the question     Is there any easy way to see the underlying MSBuild command when building in VS2010? Want to see the MSDeploy params. @wdeploy? One thing to know is that when you publish from Visual Studio, by default we use the MSDeploy (AKA Web Deployment Tool) Object Model in… Read more