Building accessible websites just got a lot easier

When building websites it is important that it is accessible for everyone that needs to use it. Implementing web accessibility features greatly helps to achieve that. Here’s what the W3C has to say about that: Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. More specifically, Web accessibility means that people with disabilities… Read more

Azure App Service Tools Updates in the Azure SDK for .NET 2.9

In the Azure SDK 2.9 we’ve made it significantly more convenient for developers who use Azure App Service to host their Web, Mobile, API, and background-processing WebJob apps. We’ve heard from customers who use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to create their Azure topologies that they’re rarely creating one web app or one API app. Applications have layers,… Read more

Web Extension Pack for Visual Studio 2015

The Visual Studio extensibility ecosystem has been steadily growing in the past years and the community has built some really great extensions. Some of these extensions are specific to web development scenarios and are useful to almost all web developers using Visual Studio. The only problem is to find all these relevant extensions. That’s exactly the… Read more

Task runners in Visual Studio 2015

There are various kinds of tasks typically used by web developers as part of their workflow. Everything from bundling and minifying JavaScript files, to compiling LESS files into CSS and even running custom batch or PowerShell scripts. In a sense you can say that tasks are steps that needs to be performed to make the… Read more

Customize external web tools in Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 ships with multiple open source command line tools that are used in modern web development workflows. Those tools are: Node.exe grunt-cli Bower npm Git All of these tools are shipped as part of Visual Studio but are not installed in the same way as you would install them manually. They are all… Read more

Profile and Time your ASP.NET MVC app all the way to Azure

Successful web app dev teams generally consider performance a requirement from the beginning,  not an afterthought. Performance should be considered in all phases of a project, from design and into production, including updates to the app. That’s not to say you should try to optimize code before you’ve measured it, you really don’t know what… Read more

Announcing new Web Features in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RTM

Today, the Visual Studio team announced the release of RTM version of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 .  Our team added a few useful features and did some bug fixing in this update to improve the web development experience.  This blog will contain all of the features introduced in RC and a few updates. We… Read more

How to customize the generated files from the New Scaffolded Item dialog

In Visual Studio 2013 we introduced the Add New Scaffolded Item dialog. This dialog replaced the Add View/Add Controllers ASP.NET MVC dialog which was had in 2012. This new dialog works for all ASP.NET projects (MVC, Web Forms and Web API). This is one example of how we are delivering on the “One ASP.NET” vision…. Read more

Web Publish how to automate multi-project publish with file system

The other day I received an email from a customer with a question which I’ve summarized as below. I have a solution containing multiple web projects. One of the projects, _RootSite, is the top level website which I want to publish. It’s an MVC project. I also have other web projects in the same solution…. Read more

Web Publishing a simpler way to exclude files/folders from being published

I’ve written a few blog posts on how to exclude files from publishing/packaging. In each of these posts you’d have to be familiar with MSBuild and the Web Publish process. I’ve been looking for a much simpler way to exclude files/folder from publishing. When using git you can easily exclude files and folders using a… Read more